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A city sponsored audit of Greenfield's police department by a Palo Alto based consulting firm recommends disbanding the force and farming out police service to the county sheriff. Talks are already under way to explore that possibility, The Herald has learned. The report by Matrix Consulting Group was released this week, days after Greenfield officials cut the ribbon for a new civic center and police station. Matrix has made similar recommendations to cities across the state. "We're in initial discussions," said Sheriff Scott Miller, adding Masteron Hair Loss that his staff began putting together a cost analysis for policing services after Greenfield's City Council recently directed its city manager to solicit an estimate. "We're certainly exploring the possibilities from our end," he said. "We're trying to provide, right now, the ballpark costs." Miller stressed that the switchover might never happen, saying that speculation is "putting the cart before the horse . But any agency in the county that wants services, I'm willing to listen." His department is facing large numbers of deputy layoffs because of county budget cuts. Among other findings, the audit report stated that Greenfield officers are behind on training schedules, which could expose the city to lawsuits. But under state guidelines, officers have two years to complete required training brush ups in a cycle that began in January. That may be among findings that Police Chief Joe Grebmeier has said he will dispute at a future City Council meeting. The report said the department is not meeting "a number of fundamental management best practices," including regular staff performance reviews, timeliness in case report reviews, and regular audits of the property and evidence room. It noted the department's high staff turnover rate, saying its overtime is twice the industry standard, although it cited no source or figure for what that standard is. Grebmeier said he received the report late Monday. "There are things in the report that we agree with, and there are things that we disagree with. There are errors of fact in the report that Matrix did not give us a chance to correct before it was published," he said. In the past, Grebmeier has acknowledged the high turnover rate and said Pharmacom Turinabol Uk it is largely because of the comparatively low salaries his department is able to offer. "A common theme in the report is that we are understaffed, underfunded and overworked," he said. The audit came after a January council meeting in which Greenfield resident Stephanie Garcia, a longtime critic of Grebmeier, distributed copies of a Matrix audit proposal to council members. She said she met with the company and asked for the proposal as a concerned citizen. A few weeks later, the city manager made a formal request for proposals. Matrix submitted a new proposal and won out over two competing bidders. Matrix has analyzed and recommended outsourcing policing to sheriff's departments in other California counties, including Los Angeles, Sonoma, San Joaquin and Santa Barbara. "In each of these studies, the project team has found that contracting for services typically is the most cost efficient and effective approach," the Matrix report to Greenfield states. Without going into detailed reasons why, the report concluded that Greenfield should also explore outsourcing its policing. "Due to Oxandrolone 50 the resource and management challenges facing the City of Greenfield police department, the city should explore the feasibility of contracting with the county sheriff for law enforcement services in order to stabilize or reduce costs, while maintaining or enhancing the delivery Achat Kamagra Pas Cher of police services," the report stated. In Rohnert Park, where police and fire services are "Anaboliset Aineet" already consolidated into a single department, Public Safety Director Brian Masterson has been critical of Matrix's conclusion buy cheap jintropin online that contracting with Sonoma County sheriffs and other agencies would save $2.5million a year. At a recent city budget meeting, Masterson said the Matrix comparison did not use up to date numbers that reflect cuts his department has made since the last budget year. In addition, he said, the expected savings would come from keeping bare bones staffing levels. "The sheriff's contract is basic, or I would say below basic." He said costs are very likely to go up from the initial estimate. And, he said, his city would lose one of the best investigative units in the county. "Could it be done? Absolutely," he said. "Is it a good risk for the city? No." Miller said staff members from his department have spoken with officials at the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department to learn "how they went about it." That agency is taking over police services for San Carlos and Half Moon Bay, Miller said. "In "jintropin bestellen" these economic times, this may be a trend," he said. "I expect this is a discussion that may continue throughout the region." Miller said the savings come in upper level costs. "A deputy is not cheaper than a police officer. Where you save is in your administrative costs and overhead," he said. Miller acknowledged that other factors besides costs should be considered. Grebmeier "knows Greenfield much better than I know Greenfield . and we have a good relationship," he said. "I'm not critical of "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" Joe or anything he's done. Running a small department in a diverse community is tough. Recruiting is tough they generally pay less money." Some Greenfield residents have been critical of Grebmeier's outreach to the city's Oaxacan community, which includes Triquis and other indigenous groups. But Miller, who made community outreach a basis of his campaign for sheriff, said that kind of open door would continue. "I believe in reaching out to all portions of the community in Monterey County that would include the Oaxacans and Triquis . We give special attention to everybody," Miller said. The issue of outsourcing will likely be compounded by the bitter reaction felt by many in Greenfield after a resident died in January during a sheriff's department SWAT operation. During deputies' attempts to call the resident out, a flash bang device tossed inside set the house on fire, officials determined, causing the death of 31 year old Rogelio Serrato. The audit report is expected to inspire ample public comment at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

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